Local Manufacturing

All our pieces and accessories are handmade in Valladolid, in the Yucatan Peninsula. At CARAVANA, we invest in our local community

Made in Mexico.

At CARAVANA, we invest in our local community. We are very aware of the consequences of fast fashion’s environmental and human impact, with fast fashion currently ranking as the second most polluting industry.

Having full control of our manufacturing processes ensures excellent management over the quality and conditions to produce our products. 95% of our cutting and sewing is done in Valladolid and we manufacture the majority of our products in our own workshop. The remaining 5% is completed by local partners that grant fair labor conditions to their employees. While the local partners of our manufacturing processes may not have fair-trade certification, our close ties with the craftsmen ensure fair labor practices sustained throughout the supply chain.

What locally-made means:

  • We push back against mass-production.
  • We make only what we need. Therefore, we do not create additional waste.
  • Shipping distances are shorter, thus we create less fuel and environmental impact.
  • We support the local economy by creating more jobs and ensuring our working conditions and wages are fair.
  • Control over the quality of the garments enables a deep understanding of the manufacturing and production processes.