For a moment in time… The feel of the sensuous fabric against the skin, the sense of history and ceremony these pieces embody, the smell they are imbued with, the patina of the leather… give the wearer a sense of magic and power of transformation.


The secret of the magic in caravana is that more than its products, each piece has a soul. Through the hands of our artisans, the celebration of mayan traditions and the purity of this magical land we embrace and celebrate a process that is unique with the intent to share the story...as well as an invitation to join this perpetual journey.

The CARAVANA wearer is confident, inquisitive, expressive and soulful. with a rhythmic sense of approaching life and travel - someone who lives with the freedom to pick up or set down roots, whenever, or wherever, they choose always in the constant pursuit of magic. such a bohemian, progressive existence is the manifestation at CARAVANA’s core, gathering these souls in order to coalesce into a unified mission.


Join the perpetual journey

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