Fair Employer

CARAVANA is a family knitted by purpose. Learn more about our organizational culture.


CARAVANA promotes equality and inclusion: we employ people without distinction of gender, age, sex, political or religious preferences. We encourage disabled people to join our work-team and we value the skills of each and everyone involved.

Our labor team (we prefer to call ourselves Family) live in Valladolid or its surrounding areas, not more than 14 km away. This means that commuting has a very low impact on our carbon footprint. Our privileged location, as well as good weather conditions, allows our staff to cycle (or even walk) every day from home to the workshop.

We are proud to state that 70% of our management team are women. We also value local talent and employ local indigenous people: although our employees come from different cultural backgrounds we are particularly proud of our Mayan roots – 70% of our employees are Mayan.

Women Artisans

We pride ourselves on fair salaries and provide good working conditions to all our artisans, even in seasonal workshops we open throughout the surrounding villages. Social security and life insurance are standard to all full-time employees.

Self-care is of our utmost importance which is why we organize workshops and lectures for our staff on subjects related to improving their health and safety, campaigns to prevent chronic diseases, alcoholism and domestic violence. Family is an extremely important value on our premises. Female employees are entitled to 84 days of paid maternity. Although the Mexican policy allows for 5 days of paternity leave, we give them more than is expected by law. We also allow our team time off to attend school events and meetings for their children.