Based in Valladolid, a quaint colonial town in the heart of the Yucatan peninsula that boasts a proud heritage and craftsmanship. We are motivated by the spirit of adventure and driven by the intention to respect and revitalize local mayan artistry through a unique alchemy.

Just an hour away from the caribbean sea and white sand of Tulum, the mayan culture here is palpable. Traditions and ceremony can be witnessed through the burning of copal, the use of temazcales, shamanic rituals, the celebration of life and the reverence of their many temples.

Inspired by Jacopo Janniello’s determination of finding a new way to respect and revitalize local mayan craftsmanship with a new alchemy, he created CARAVANA which arises from the passion of the adventurer’s spirit.

Our reinterpretation of centuries old processes results in a singular concept with unique elements that we call "Neo-artesania".



Mexico is imbued with the artisanal skills that have been passed on from generation to generation. All CARAVANA pieces are handmade in Mexico, each taking many patient hours to create. In a world so industrialized CARAVANA commits to preserve the magic and traditions of the Mayan culture.

Our CARAVANA community of artisans reflects this, working harmoniously to give each piece and garment a life, a story, a soul. The range in which a customer can wear a single piece is extensive and the intention is for the individual to use creativity, giving each piece a life and story of its own.

These artisanal products possess a unique appearance due to a special dyeing process and the fact that each piece is made by hand. Therefore, variations in the leather, color and fit may occur. Colors will naturally fade over time and leather will soften.

The mastery of the CARAVANA artisan lies in the ability to transform fabric into a work of art, using only their skilled hands to pull threads and create intricate patterns. This fraying process gives CARAVANA pieces a unique design element.