Community Caravana celebrating Hanal Pixan


Our employees are our family. We support activities that preserve traditional knowledge and cultural practices


In 2018, CARAVANA started the “I made your clothes” campaign by launching an artisan series on our social media accounts to showcase the story of the people who bring the CARAVANA garments to life. CARAVANA constantly shares short stories about our employees on our social media platforms with the aim of raising awareness of our values and roots.

CARAVANA Female artisan supporting the "I Made Your Clothes" global movement

We also support the children of our workers and provide necessary school supplies at the beginning of each school year. Likewise, CARAVANA collaborates by raising funds for medical treatments or unexpected emergencies to members of our community in need.

Founder & Creative Director of CARAVANA Jacopo Janniello with the artisans' children

Our employees are our family. All staff birthdays are celebrated alongside Mother’s Day,  Father’s Day, Children’s Day, Artisan’s Day and Women’s Day. We organize and support activities that preserve and protect traditional knowledge and cultural practices such as Hanal Pixan, Fiesta de La Candelaria and the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

CARAVANA also participates with donations to the Red Cross.

One of the latest implementations is to create training workshops in our town’s jail, giving prisoners a new skill and the opportunity to find job placement once their sentence has been served.