We create timeless pieces that go beyond fashion or season. The garments range from our trademark ponchos, dresses, jumpsuits and kaftans to vests, capes, tops, skirts and pants. CARAVANA is meant to free the wearer to be their true selves, enhancing their own movement, sensuality and beauty. 

Hera Dress Hera Dress $388

New Temple: Ibiza

The colorful and vibrant epicenter of Spain now begins to gyrate and come alive. We reawaken our tribe of sun chasers in Ibiza with CARAVANA’s newest portal at Jondal. The arousing siren call has reached the ears of CARAVANA across the world in the Yucatan, crooning for our return. CARAVANA obliges to the warm and welcomed invitation, bringing with us once again the spirit of the Maya.

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