Artisanal Processes

Artisanal Processes

CARAVANA’s pieces and accessories are handmade in Mexico by artisans honoring traditional techniques.

The Hands That Craft

Mexico is imbued with artisanal skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. At CARAVANA, we strive to uphold cultural respect and social responsibility. All our pieces and accessories are handmade in our workshop in Valladolid (Mexico) each taking many hours to create. In a world so industrialized, CARAVANA commits to preserving the magic and traditions of the Mayan culture.

Craftsmanship leather acessory

Each piece has meaning and purpose revealing magical and mysterious ways the wisdom of our ancestors. CARAVANA studies the ancient knowledge of the shamans and incorporates those concepts into all the pieces. The search for culture provides each garment with functionality, meaning, and magic.

CARAVANA artisan crafting a leather piece

“ CARAVANA moves energy. CARAVANA moves frequency.”

Jacopo Janniello – Founder & Creative Director

Inspired by Jacopo Janniello’s determination to find a new way to respect and revitalize local Mayan craftsmanship, he developed a new alchemy. A reinterpretation of centuries-old processes which includes a singular concept with unique elements that we call “Neo-artesania”, merging thoughts and techniques of the past with today’s latest ideologies.

Hand Dyed Fabric

Our artisanal processes ensure less waste and mass production. The dye that we use is not an industrial dye, it is a homemade dye manufactured in Mexico, which means less environmental impact on nature. We use a leading brand in Mexico in non-industrial home textile dyes. The company we work with is involved with social initiatives such as dyeing workshops, savings generation, self-employment for all customers and they are also developing ecological lines.

The dyeing process is also handmade and the supplier’s products used are certified as no-toxicity by the ACM (Art and Creative Materials Institue) from the USA. 


  • We preserve age-old traditions, the culture of art.
  • We value slow fashion: care and attention to detail encompass an appreciation of living in the present, being creative and developing an awareness that appreciates the art of craftsmanship.
  • We support the lifelong work of artisan communities and the skills of their trade.
  • Artisanship means our production is more limited and therefore we create less waste in production and mass production.