Art of Craftsmanship Series – Pau Malo

Art of Craftsmanship Series Hosted by Pau Malo

CARAVANA’s passion for celebrating traditional techniques of handmade creations is what has brought to life The Art of Craftsmanship Series: an ongoing journey of live-curated experiences with artists who share our core values and respect for ancestral heritage.


Pau Malo hosted the first chapter of The Art of Craftsmanship Series within our portal at Scorpios Mykonos. Pau, born in Mexico City, inscribes sacred codes, symbols, and astrological patterns onto her handmade ceremonial garments and candles. She customizes pieces through her inspiration from cosmology and utilizes one’s astrological blueprint to create each piece.

During Pau’s session, guests had a private consultation with her. She channeled her own cosmic energy and utilized their astrological chart to hand-paint personalized codes and symbols onto their garment or candle.

Pau Malo possesses the unique ability to turn something simple, into something sacred, in a way that is entirely shaped by the person she is creating it for. Her open energy and light were something that filled the Bazaar tent and created an intimate union between Pau, CARAVANA, and Scorpios Bazaar that will continue to grow and be celebrated.

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