Giselle World and Jesus Hidalgo

Working with nature keeps us inspired and creative.

We take a moment to honor one of the most important elements of our life: Mama Earth.

In celebration of Earth Day today, tune in for a specially curated musical ensemble by two wonderful souls, Giselle and Jesus Hidalgo, accompanied by their magical guitarists, Hugo Fuguet and Marcelo Rosauro.

CARAVANA came across Giselle in 2020, and we were instantly drawn to the heartfelt and powerful message behind her music and creations. She has carved her path through the years as a performing artist and musician in the realm of ceremony, yoga, and holistic medicinal practices to name a few. Nominated for Best New Artist for a Latin Grammy award in 2013, Jesus has been serenading to the world songs of healing. He has cultivated a musical career in sounds of healing, tradition, and spirituality.

Giselle and Jesus are both pioneers of conscious music inspiring harmony between humans and our planet. They inspire us, and we hope they inspire you as well to live a more heart-centered lifestyle in symbiosis with Mama Earth. 

As a woman traversing multi-mediums of art, movement, spirituality, and sound- what sort of inner work do you do to keep inspired and aligned with your creative spirit? About 11 years ago I began my relationship with sacred plant medicines and this has been the guiding force behind most all of what I do in my life today, especially with music and art. As I deepened this connection with the plants, the earth, and traditional indigenous ceremonies I found myself on a profound healing journey, and later one of service and creativity. At some point I became aware, or rather remembered the importance of water, and just how sacred it is and essential to life. Water became my main inspiration. Eventually I created a ritual performance centered around the water called “Tribal Waters” that I’ve had the pleasure to tour around the world for the last few years. Working with the plants and nature in general keeps me inspired and creative. The inner work is constant so I may always be a clear channel for magic and creativity to flow through. Other things helping me in that process and instrumental to my life are yoga & dancing.  

 Because we were inspired to feature you especially for Earth Day; can you share with us a little about your journey that involves any inspiration from Mama Earth, your own relationship with her, how you honor her? I’m honored to have been chosen for the Earth Day feature, so truly, thank you! I’m so grateful. My biggest awakening around Mother Earth came after my first ceremony with plant medicine. It connected me deeply with nature from the actual earth, grass, the trees around me, the early morning dew, and sound of the birds. It was in that moment I realized how disconnected I had actually been to the earth and unaware of its spirit and life-force. I never wanted to forget this feeling. Her aliveness was greatly present for me. Mother Earth then became a priority for me. I needed to spend time with her every day and learn to serve her in the best ways I can.

I honor her by communing with her daily as the source of life, making offerings regularly, sitting in ceremonies, and hosting ceremonies. I honor her by bringing awareness to the importance of taking care of her as our mother, our home, and offering sustainability solutions. I honor her by being in service to her waters and bring awareness to how crucial it is for us to take care of the water through beach clean ups, & water ceremonies. I honor her by singing and writing songs about her and to her. This is the best way I know how.

My biggest awakening around Mother Earth came after my first ceremony with plant medicine. It connected me deeply with nature from the actual earth

As we celebrate Earth Day, why do you feel that it is important that our society move into a more harmonious and healthy relationship with our planet? Because Mother Earth has rights like any living being, it is important that conscious acts are carried out to care for and protect our home and that we understand once and for all that all beings make up a system that is sustained by the bond of respect, empathy and love.

“It is important that conscious acts are carried out to care for and protect our home.”

How do you celebrate your relationship with Mama Earth- do you practice any specific meditations or ceremonies with her in mind? I celebrate my relationship with Mother Earth by connecting with my family, with my community, with prayer, with my music at the service of humanity and also give meaning and purpose to each day of my existence.

Enjoy their music on the below video.

Hugo Fuguet, Jesus Hidalgo, Giselle World and Marcelo Rosauro.

This feature for the sixth installment of the CARAVANA Freethinkers 2021 Edition brings you and Mama Earth a little light and love. Accompanied by their magical guitarists, Hugo Fuguet and Marcelo Rosauro, Giselle and Jesus Hidalgo tap into the human-earth connection with a very special music ensemble for you on Earth Day.

Find Giselle and Jesus on Instagram at & @jesushidalgomusic

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