Janax Pacha

Sounds and elements of the natural world.

Explore the Ethnic and Tribal sounds of music producer Janax Pacha- Gabriel Epstein, as he joins FREE>QUENCY for CARAVANA Freethinkers 2021 Edition. Like the twisting roots of a tree, Janax’s live-looping performances intertwine sounds and elements of the natural world. Blending flutes, synthesizers, digital and rhythm boxes, percussions, and other instruments, Janax Pacha curates performances that immerse you into the natural worldand it’s raw beauty.

Janax Pacha has woven his sounds for meditations and rituals, as well. His live-looping is organic not only in sound but improvised through the energy he picks up from his audience and in the spaces where he plays. While he is a one-man musical concept, the aural journey he takes us on is one that we all participate in- through dancing, sharing energy, and reveling in the bliss of the moment. Enjoy the beautiful words he’s shared with us.

Why does Tulum resonate with you and what first brought you here? Tulum for me is like a Crystal. It is a place that mirrors everything. All my energies expand. My light and my shadow. That is why I resonate with Tulum. Because thanks to this Crystal mirror I know myself better. My inner light, as well as my art and power also expand. It is a vortex of manifestation, revealing our power as creators and gods. This comes to me with a commitment and responsibility to be present in my thoughts, feelings, and actions. In Tulum, I feel very present and I can see clearly the power within me, what I call “my nature”. I first came here by invitation from Huaira to play with her in a Live Streaming for Woomoon at Ikal in the height of the pandemic.

With your sound, what drew you to create music of such a unique genre, and what keeps inspiring you? The desire to know more, especially about nature and shamanism led me directly to meet my essence (whenever I say nature I mean the one that exists externally as well as the internal one). With the loop station, I discovered the perfect tool to share my gift, which is playing and creating vibrations and sound, making music in the most spontaneous and present way. What inspires me is this connection with the jungle, plants, animals, nature, flowers, and all the beings that exist.

What is the message, emotion, or experience behind your music that you want to curate for people dancing and listening to you? My message is, connect to yourself, connect to your nature. Enter your jungle with no fear. I feel that what I show and what I share in my performances is the beauty of our world. I show and share the beauty of showing and sharing the beauty that arises from this place.

Connect to yourself, connect to your nature. Enter your jungle with no fear.

What’s been your most memorable performance, and why? That’s a funny question. Usually every time I come down from the stage I say: Woow this one was the best one. Then I play again and I say the same. The other funny thing is I never remember what I did or played. And I usually don’t record my live set. I don’t have a special one really. I played in so many amazing places in nature – waterfalls, cliffs, deserts, and many festivals with beautiful souls and creatures on the dance floor. I am amazed often. The best for me is to play in open places with daylight and in nature.

Enjoy Janax´s curated mix for CARAVANA on Soundcloud.

How have you personally overcome the impact that the pandemic has had on live music performers and DJ’s? Acceptance, flexibility, and adaptation. Everything is changing and growing , constantly. Although humans believe they can have control over things, they do not. COVID was a blessing for me, it helped me to stop, it helped me understand that nurturing myself inside, recording, producing, spending hours alone with my instruments is also important. I love and really enjoy the Live experience. Sharing my Live Set was always my driving force. And now sharing music for people who are on their couch or dancing in their living room is too.

What are your thoughts on the current music scene of Tulum? I flow with the scene cause I am part of it now… And I enjoy it! I do feel that it is diverse, interesting, creative, inspiring. I also know a part that does not interest me.

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