Taking people on a journey outside the realm of everyday life.

The second chapter of the CARAVANA Freethinkers 2021 Edition features Will Sabatini- known in the musical realm as Sabo- a celebrated musician and producer. Sabo takes his place in the Freethinkers Program as the first in FREE>QUENCY, the music component of CARAVANA Freethinkers that will house digital creatives in the world of sound.

Sabo is the founder of the record label Sol Selectas, his sound is latent with ethereal, deeply tribal elements; hypnotizing one to dance in celebration of the aural journey he leads with heart and soul. The sounds that Sabo creates are attuned to Tulum and his Caribbean energy. CARAVANA heard Sabo´s call over the years and connected together in the land of Tulum.

How did you come to know Tulum, and what, if any, elements of Tulum have inspired you in producing music? I started coming to Tulum around 2009-2010, after hearing about it from friends in Playa del Carmen, where I used to DJ at La Santanera. As my music style evolved over the years it became clear to me I wanted more and more, to DJ outdoors.  Tulum’s beautiful nature can be found both on the beach and in the jungle, and it has massively inspired me. I’ve met so many incredible people here, and had some of the best DJ sets of my life, while barefoot in the white sand. I’ve been able to absorb the natural rhythms of Tulum, and those sounds frequently appear in my DJ sets and productions. 

What are some creative or spiritual challenges you face as one who utilizes creativity in your livelihood? The emotional and physical connection I receive from the crowd while DJing is something that has been really missing in the past year. It’s like a source of energy which fuels my creativity and my inspiration, and fills me with positivity and confidence to continue pushing forward. There is a genuine sense of community on the dance floor, and being away from that for so long now, has been challenging for sure. 

Source of energy which fuels my creativity and my inspiration, and fills me with positivity and confidence to continue pushing forward.

From your time in Tulum, what are your thoughts on the change of the music scene here? It’s changed a lot since I started coming, and I’m sure it will continue to evolve as the popularity of Tulum continues to grow. I really enjoy the smaller intimate events on the beach, where the focus of the music tends to be high vibration and low BPM. The really huge techno parties happening now in the jungles and cenotes just feels out of place to me. The high intensity music and rapid BPM count, just doesn’t match the surroundings in my opinion. But all that being said, I imagine 25 years ago Tulum was probably just about acoustic reggae on the beach, with one guitar and a conga. Maybe it will start coming back to that vibe soon.

With so many new DJ’s arising and inspired by the genres you’ve contributed to so beautifully, how do you stay aligned with your sound and your intention in producing music? I’ve always been drawn towards a more “tribal” sound. Percussion feels like natural instinct, the roots of humanity are written into our being through these tribal rhythms. Many indigenous instruments, folk singing, and chanting methods, also have this same pure quality. It’s that feeling of purity and natural instinct that keeps me focused on my music, and what draws me back to those indigenous sounds when creating. As a DJ first, then a producer, I’m always thinking about how I can move the dance floor, make people smile, or take them on a heady trip with the music. While I’m creating I try to imagine how the song will make people react.

I feel like now more than ever that is the purpose of DJ’s, taking people on a journey outside the realm of everyday life. Allowing people to let go and surrender to the sound, forget about their everyday troubles, dance, and feel free for that moment, or that evening.

How do you see the global music scene changing with the implications that COVID-19 has had on our ability to host events like Burning Man, and Lightning In A Bottle? With travel and capacity restrictions still in place, I don’t think large scale events or festivals with 100,000 + attendees will be coming back any time soon. Instead, smaller, more intimate, and expertly curated events will arise, and I’m excited about this. Music trends will no longer be driven by ticket sales, but more so, by what people really feel and choose to support. Because of this, I hope the music will continue to evolve in some exciting new directions.

What are some of your rituals and routines when it comes to nurturing your creativity and inspiration? I started doing Kundalini yoga with my fiancé Helia almost every day. We try to spend time outside in the sunshine, and nature as much as possible. Taking studio breaks to read books and cook is helpful. Of course I still love to travel and get greatly inspired by other cultures and foods, so whenever possible I get out of Los Angeles.

How would you like this new year to unfold, for yourself and for the world? I would like to see people more united against the wrongs of governments and corporations, and less divided against each other. I hope herd immunity is reached so we can all travel and hug each other again, without mandatory vaccinations. For me – I hope to focus even more on my own personal health, create more music, marry the woman I love, and together we’ll continue to spread love through Sol Selectas.

Enjoy his uniquely orchestrated set at CARAVANA Soundcloud Tune your ear to Sabo´s aural expressions on Instagram at @djsabonyc.

If you’d like to be considered for the Freethinkers or Free>quency Programs, we invite you to connect with us at We would love to hear from you.

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