Andrei Matorin

Music, spirituality and creativity.

We connect with an inspiring artist and dreamer for our first CARAVANA Freethinkers of 2021, with Andrei Matorin. CARAVANA held an intimate interview with Andrei on music, spirituality, and carving his path through life in balance of creativity.

His tale is an immersive one that unites us together in the kinship of authentic creativity, and living a life full of inspiration, love, and light. Take a moment of pause and enjoy this chapter from our interview with Andrei as the new addition of CARAVANA Freethinkers.

Why you were called to play the violin in the first place? I was 3 years old when my mom took me to an orchestra concert in Brazil. The instrument must have inspired me cause I remember walking home holding her hand and asking her if I could play. She didn’t forget and got me my first lessons when I was 6 after we moved to the United States.

What path led you to Tulum, and from there, what resonated with you in calling it home for a time? Tulum had been showing up on my radar and I had a lot of friends who were going down there, so I was excited to come and perform for a few weeks. I immediately fell in love with the land, the energy, the sea, the people, the history. It was so inspiring and I felt so at home there.

For this new year I hope that we will be able to come together much more intentionally and create things that are impactful and matter.

What are some of your rituals or routines that help ground you and keep you creative? As far as the rituals that I take on for my creative practices, I have a very intentional morning practice nowadays which includes meditation, breathwork, and yoga. Recently I’ve been inspired by Taoist energy practices as well. And as part of my morning routine, I practice violin and singing as well. And having that be how I start my morning, including a gratitude practice, I find it all very centering and grounding, and helps me get clarity on what’s important to me and what I want to focus my energy on.

In a few words, what do you envision for yourself and/or for the global community as we move into this New Year? This new year comes after probably what has been the most challenging year for many people. As an individual, I faced so many obstacles in 2020. Whether they were emotional or physical, financial, or even social, all these norms I had created as a comfort zone were challenged. I think every one of us has had to go through some semblance of that in the last year, and I see that as an opportunity for all of humanity to align. I think we were forced to connect in a deeper way with people that we wanted to keep close to us, and with ourselves too,while being in isolation. For this new year I hope that we will be able to come together much more intentionally and create things that are impactful and matter.

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