Dia de Los Muertos

Dia de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, marks arguably the most celebrated tradition of the spiritual culture of Mexico.

This age-old celebration runs deeper than many of us can comprehend, and we at CARAVANA are humbled to partake in this beautiful tradition.

During Dia de Los Muertos the spirit world overlaps with reality; the air hangs heavier, strange scents and sounds and feelings permeate, and a mysterious shift in energy and atmosphere occurs.

Legend has it that the portal of “Heaven” opens during this window of time, in order to allow spirits to rejoin their living tribe of family and loved ones.

On this day, we have the opportunity to reunite with those who have crossed over into an ethereal dimension. And for a moment, we are wrapped in the etheric embrace of those who have passed before us.

Music is played and communities rejoice.

From small pueblos like Tulum to Mexico City, each location is transformed into organic kaleidoscopes of vibrancy – multicolored – candles melting over alters of corn, photos of deceased friends and family crowned in marigolds of yellow and orange, offerings such as Mezcal and Pulque laid out, little trinkets and memories for the dead.

Dia de Los Muertos transforms our yearly life cycle into something interactive, joyous, and bittersweet.

At CARAVANA, we take this moment to pay homage to the ancestors of our Maya artisans, our loved ones, and all who await us in the next life.