Caravana X Art With Me Tulum

2019 – From the 24th to the 28th of April, CARAVANA proudly collaborated with ART WITH ME TULUM’s art exposition: “Change Begins with Me”.

Art With Me is a community-driven arts and culture festival centered around the celebration of art in all its forms, with an intention to enrich the local community, preserve the natural environment, and strengthen the artistic development of Tulum through conscious and sustainable practices.

ART WITH ME TULUM Change Begins With Me
ART WITH ME TULUM Change Begins With Me

CARAVANA’s roots discern the material world from the spiritual: the ego and the illusionary self from the higher spirit. This collaboration shows CARAVANA’s inner self: the artistry and proud heritage of creativity, making tangible that which is intangible – consciousness, creation, experience. It is a tribute to the Mayan’s ageless knowing and to Mexico’s breathtaking truth found in nature and in its complex burning quality which strikes the soul like a bolt of celestial lightning, unleashing the individuals’ spiritual self.

CARAVANA X Art With Me Tulum

This one-of-a-kind piece has been handmade by indigenous artisans and burned by a Shaman at CARAVANA’s workshop, in Valladolid, Mexico.

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