On Blessings And Ceremonies

At CARAVANA we are at one with the land, and all that she gives us.

In ancient times gatherings between people to call upon the spiritual realms were very common and a beautiful experience practiced across many countries. 

We are on this Earth to serve as a vessel. Many people ask what it is we need be in this world and these blessings serve as a condolence to mend our hearts and souls from our day-to-day mental and emotional experiences as human beings sometimes more than less, endure. 

We serve the elders by thanking them and acknowledging the love given and their rested souls. We serve the universe by thanking life and its liveliness paradigm which fills our hearts and minds with splendor experiences that teach us and let us teach others to lead the way towards a better world. We serve our brothers and sisters by cleansing their hearts and souls from restlessness and provide them with protection to enlighten their call. We create meaningful relationships and bonds by gathering together and calling upon forgiveness, love and kindness to create a natural connection with all there is. 

There are many things in life we have to go through. Many life experiences that come to teach us something. These blessings and ceremonies we bring to life provide our hearts with direction and a beautiful connection with the world, with us and with you. 

At CARAVANA, we are grateful to collaborate with our Shaman, Carlos, who curates experiences to direct and guide those who look for the journey of the truth-seeker.

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